Financial literacy impacting Gender sensitivity and Educating Girl child by Nazim Ali

Nazim Ali is working in the cora department of Vision Exports since last 2 years. The family belongs to a village near Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. In order to have better employment opportunities, his entire family migrated to the town from an interior village of the same district. He currently resides with his parents, brother, wife and 3 kids.

Due to financial constraints, he initially invested in his son’s education alone. Recently, Mr Ajay, another employee of the company approached him. A casual conversation about our day to day lives and the rising cost of living led to financial planning. He told me about his plans, savings and future roadmap of having a stable and secure future for his family.

It dawned upon Nazim that financial planning is crucial in today’s times. The discussion also made him realize that education is of utmost importance for leading a successful life. He discussed the same with his wife. It was their joint decision to set aside a small amount towards the education of their daughters. They have started saving Rs 500 every month for the girls. This small act made him realize that there is no longer any differentiation prevailing between his children. He is eager to learn more about financial literacy from Mr Ajay.

Kshitij conducted a session on HERfinance financial literacy in the company Vision Exports in November 2018. Mr Ajay, one of the attendees was given the role of a peer educator. He is responsible for spreading this new acquired knowledge among remaining employees of the company. An interaction with Nazim Ali, lead to a remarkable decision of educating both his daughters. We are glad that Mr and Mrs Nazim Ali started saving for their young daughters at the right time.

Initially, Mr Nazim was of the opinion that he would educate his son and not focus much on his daughter’s education. He wanted to save money on education and spend it on their weddings. After saving 500/- per month, he and his wife are both confident of educating all their children. The financial literacy session has helped him change his mindset towards girl child education. He now aims that all his children will be law abiding citizens of the country.

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