Savings for better future of self and children by Habib Rehman

He has been associated with the factory since 2 years and his wife works for a small scale industry from home.
She is a home worker and earns Rs 5000-6000/- per month. The couple presently resides with Mr Rehman’s parents and 3 children – 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Their oldest child is pursuing Engineering. The couple dreams that their 7 year old daughter will become a doctor in future. Earlier, the family used to spend their cumulative income in running the household. They also spent occasionally on family outings mainly lavish meals in nearby restaurants.

After attending the HER FINANCE session, the family has realized that savings are important for children’s marriage, school fees and medical expenses. As a result, the family has started budgeting their expenses on a regular basis. Being a dual income they now save Rs 2000/- per month without compromising on their family’s requirement.

Kshitij conducted a session on HER FINANCE in Marque Impex in the month of October 2018. Mr Rehman attended the session with his colleagues. It was a delight meeting a person who doesn’t believe in age old practice of educating the son. A man much ahead of his times, he has always been a staunch supporter of education and is considered a role model by many in their community.

After attending the session the husband wife duo have decided to set aside 2000/- from his wife’s income for educating their daughters. Mr Rehman is keen on spreading awareness on financial literacy focusing mainly on savings among his peers in the factory and community.

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