Life experience motivating Sapna to be a Best Peer Educator by Arpita R Dave | Implementation Head | KSHITIJ

Sapna resides and works in Agra. She comes from a large family comprising of 11 members. In order to support her family, she discontinued her education. In spite of being a straight set “A” grade student, she was asked to quit school due to financial burdens.

The sole breadwinner of her family for a long time, she was responsible for the overall well being of everyone at home. Due to unknown reasons, one of her brothers fell sick. He suffered a paralytic stroke and had been bedridden for few months. Her mother was also unwell and eventually passed away after a massive heart attack. It was sad that her mother expired immediately after her engagement.

The series of sad events mainly triggered by her mother’s death, lead the groom’s family to believe that Sapna is a bad omen. Due to these incidents, Sapna’s engagement was called off by the groom’s family.

All these bitter experiences only strengthened her zeal to make it big in life. She attended the HER FINANCE session. The session helped in regaining her lost confidence. She is now a peer educator and is considered a strong role model.

She is keen on pursuing higher education and aspires to complete her graduation. Due to her diligent efforts, her brother has slowly recovered from his illness. He has recently started a new job and is looking forward to a bright future.

Sapna has realized that along with education, financial planning is also pivotal in today’s contemporary times. Sapna attended the HER FINANCE session conducted in her company. She has now decided to spend wisely and save for a secure future. She regrets not knowing about the importance of financial security in her younger days.

After attending the training session and based on her own experiences, she discussed the situation with her brother. Both of them decided to save money for future. She is currently teaching the importance of financial planning to her siblings. She is also extending her understanding of financial matters to community members. She wants them to spend money wisely. She is confident that in near future, she can instill financial discipline to her spouse and save smartly for contingency measures. She is now one of the best peer educators in the Stoneman craft and also helps the other peer educators in the company. She was awarded by the company for her outstanding contribution.

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